Microfiber towels (2) - Soft and quick drying

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Our ultralight, soft and absorbent waffle knit cuts drying time in half without damaging your hair when it's most vulnerable. Easy to use, simply cover your wet hair with the towel and roll it up before securing it in place with the elastic and button.

*Sold in packs of 2


  • Dries without friction, in half the time
  • Soft, absorbent and lightweight microfiber fabric
  • Fights frizz and prevents hair damage like a classic towel
  • Ideal for applying our hair mask overnight

100% microfiber

Dimensions: 40.6 cm x 22.9 cm (16" x 9")

Machine wash cold, dry on delicate

Our organic maple water from Quebec

In addition to being fortifying and anti-oxidant, this water rich in polyphenols forms a protective shield for the hair fiber and retains water, making the hair deeply hydrated.

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