Why should we avoid sulfates?

Pourquoi faut-il fuir les sulfates?

Much like phthalates, phenoxyethanol, artificial colors and silicones, the trend is to avoid sulfates. We are seeing more and more logos and “sulfate-free” mentions identifying the absence of sodium laureth sulfate, sulfates, ammonium lauryl sulfate, SLE, SLES, etc. Scientific names that designate the same thing: sulfates used in products capillaries. But what is so harmful about them and why should we avoid them?

What exactly is sulfate?!
Simply put, sulfates are agents that cause shampoo to lather.

In technical terms, it is a surfactant (a term for various detergents, emulsifiers and foaming agents) that attracts both oil and water. In shampoo, sulfates help remove dirt and dead cells from your scalp.

3 reasons to avoid sulfates

1 - Because it sucks!
Sulfates not only remove dirt, they also remove the delicate layers of natural oils created by your body's sebum that protect, smooth and keep your hair and skin perfectly healthy. If your scalp is sensitive, sulfates can cause irritations like redness, dryness, and itching.

2 - Because it damages!
Sulfates are a harsh chemical compound that causes your hair strands to swell and cause the outer layer of the cuticle to open. Once this happens, the natural moisturizers are washed out and the hair fiber is weakened, resulting in dull, brittle hair. This is a problem that becomes especially problematic for people with naturally curly, colored or chemically treated hair.

3 - Because it alternates colors!
Sulfates also cause hair discoloration. When the cuticle layer is lifted due to swelling, the color molecules are washed out, just like natural moisturizers.

Why are SLS found in most shampoos?

Two reasons!
1 - They are cheap and easy to produce.

2 - Their foaming power defies all competition. For many people, this is a guarantee of effectiveness, and gives the impression of gently washing the hair.

What is the alternative?

Switch to a selection of sulfate-free shampoo and, at the same time, opt for decidedly healthier hair. They are composed of other types of cleansing agents, surfactants that are gentler and respectful of your scalp. If they form a less airy foam, they are more respectful of the hair fiber. This is why we recommend them to everyone, especially those with colored hair and sensitive skin. A little more expensive, they are in fact quite economical because, very concentrated, we use little.

Look no further: Lasève shampoo does not contain any sulfates!

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