Stress and anxiety are inevitable these days. This is why, more than ever, we must make the most of our free time. Luckily, there are plenty of stress-relieving tips at your fingertips to keep you from sinking when you're feeling overwhelmed. Here are some ideas for taking care of yourself during these strange times.

The therapeutic power of nature

Several studies show that there are a multitude of benefits from spending time outdoors. It has been proven that cortisol levels in the blood decrease after spending time in nature. In addition to improving concentration, boosting immunity, calming the mind and improving vision, time spent in nature increases life expectancy. A sport or a quiet walk in the forest can do wonders to relieve stress, but to feel all the positive aspects, the first rule is to put your phone aside!

    Musical medicine

    Listening to music or playing an instrument is a simple way to reduce stress. Music has the ability to dampen levels of the hormone cortisol, relieving stress in the process.

    Play sports

    What athletes get after an intense workout is a rush of endorphins, the brain's natural chemicals that boost a good mood. To achieve this accompanying stress relief, it doesn't require the intensity of a run. Any type of cardio gets these brain chemicals pumping. For even more benefits, practice your sport in nature!

    Overusing relaxation techniques

    We give ourselves time to reconnect. Head to the internet to find online yoga classes, find deep breathing or meditation techniques. We replace Netflix with more sleep. We treat ourselves to a massage and there are no excuses: if we lack time or money, we prefer a pedicure or we ask our partner. Scientific research shows that a quick massage can reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

    Thanks to its unique weight and relaxing scents of chamomile and lavender, an aroma-therapeutic eye rest will help you immerse yourself in deep relaxation.

    Travel virtually

    There are plenty of sites that offer city tours, museums and expeditions. Take advantage of your free time to listen to an animal documentary or a foreign cooking show, to look at photo albums from past trips and why not start researching your next travel destination. Big favorite for the files and series to discover on the site

    Have a spa at home

    Bath, hot water, book, sea salt, scrub, face mask, hair mask, organic herbal tea, dim light. Everything is there for a moment of relaxation which always feels good.

    Eat well

    The smells and flavors, not to mention the moment of sharing the meal, are synonymous with comfort and well-being. More than ever, it's time to make new culinary discoveries. And that’s good because there are so many delicious recipes available to everyone today! And if we're not a fan of cooking, we take the opportunity to encourage our favorite restaurants which offer take-out meals.

    Surround yourself with faithful four-legged companions

    Pets are like furry therapists and their unconditional love can do wonders for our mental state. Interacting with an animal can help with many physical and mental issues, including helping to reduce blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health. It can also release endorphins which produce a calming effect. This can help relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve your overall psychological state.

    Escape into a book, drawing or writing

    When the real world is too much to handle, disappear into a good book to forget your worries. Everything seems to be better after a few pages. And why not get your creative talent out on paper? These are great ways to spend your free time.

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