5 mistakes you make that damage your hair

5 erreurs que tu fais et qui abîment tes cheveux

To have beautiful hair, you have to take care of it. But it's a fact, your hair is subject to numerous attacks on a daily basis. Certainly, using restorative products like a nourishing hair mask can help greatly, but as they say, prevention is better than cure!

Most people take actions that appear to have no consequences, but in the end, when these actually harmful actions are repeated, they greatly damage the hair.

To help you achieve shiny, silky and healthy hair, here are 5 mistakes you should start avoiding now.

1. Wash your hair every day

It's understandable, you don't want to have greasy hair. However, know that your hair needs the sebum that is created on your scalp to hydrate and protect it. If you eliminate it as soon as it appears, you contribute to weakening your hair. Ideally, you should only wash them 2 to 3 times a week. If they really become too greasy too quickly, swap a wash or two for dry shampoo!

2. Overusing heating devices

Thanks to them, you can achieve the perfect hairstyle quite easily. However, this magnificent straight or curly hair, when tweaked daily, greatly damages your hair. To limit the damage, it is preferable not to use them every day, on the one hand, but also to use a product specially designed to protect your hair against heat, and above all, to only use them on hair dry.

3. Dry your hair by rubbing it vigorously with a towel

Are you used to getting out of the shower, grabbing your towel and rubbing your hair like there's no tomorrow to dry it properly? Error! There's nothing worse than damaging your hair. The ideal method is instead to wrap your hair in a towel for around ten minutes, then squeeze it gently with the towel to remove excess water.

4. Stay away from hair salons

Getting a haircut is becoming more and more expensive, but if you are one of those who wait months before getting your cut freshened up, know that you are greatly harming the health of your hair. In fact, it is recommended to trim at least the tip approximately every 6 to 8 weeks.

5. Not protecting your hair from external aggressions

Just as we do for our skin, we must protect our hair from external aggressions. UV rays, wind, dust, cold, humidity are formidable enemies! To protect ourselves, we wear a hat or cap in the summer and wear beautiful toques in the winter while taking care to place our mop of hair inside our coat for those with long hair. A weekly nourishing hair mask will also protect and strengthen hair damaged by external aggressions.

If you avoid these few mistakes, your hair will thank you!

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