In the fast-paced world of beauty, it's refreshing to cross paths with professionals who don't just follow trends, but seek to create positive, lasting change. This is the case of Sylvie Boulet, an expert in natural hair care whose passion aligns with the values ​​advocated by Lasève. His conviction that the beauty of hair requires above all a respectful and caring approach towards oneself and the environment, serves as a philosophy in his profession. Meet an inspiring woman!

Your bio

Graduated from the Promedia Radio and Television School in TV and radio animation, I worked in different professional hairdressing environments: on-set hairdresser for the TVA Group in Montreal and beauty columnist in Estrie for 3 seasons. Speaker, beauty columnist, editor, event host and member of the Escouade Véro, I am always inspired to push my limits.


Where are you from, where do you live?

I am originally from Dunham, in the Eastern Townships. 


The first thing you do when you wake up

I'm an early riser (5:30 a.m.). My morning ritual is the application of ¨Miracle morning¨: that is to say getting up early which allows me to meditate, get some fresh air, read and write my intentions for the day. This way, my ideas are clearer and my goals easier to achieve. 


Your favorite place in the world

At home, in the comfort of my home, in my beautiful countryside to enjoy the great outdoors and the positive energy that nature offers. 


The place where you feel best

If it's outside my home, I feel good in a spa somewhere in Quebec for the scent of essential oils and letting myself be carried away by the sound of the water. Otherwise, I like to be at home and enjoy my spaces at home. As much as I love the public, in my spare time, I need to withdraw to concentrate on what is essential, to be alone or with my family. 


You spend the most time doing

Writing, cooking and gardening. 

A place you would like to visit

The Sources of Caudalie, in Bordeaux 

Photo: Les Sources de Caudalie

Your best travel memory

The South of Brittany for its long sandy beaches and its small fishing ports. In Quebec, the Iles-de-la-Madeleine which, according to me, is the Quebec paradise par excellence, having gone there several times with my family. 


Your greatest success

My family. I am an active mother of four children and grandmother of two boys.

What makes you happy

Listen to women of all generations. Inspire them to prioritize themselves by taking care of themselves. Cooking recipes with local products for my family and friends. Make beautiful tables at receptions. Aperitif time. Playing with my grandchildren. Immerse my hands in the earth to feel the energy found there.


The best beauty advice you received/discovered:

As soon as I started hairdressing school, I discovered the importance and benefits of brushing my hair. This gesture that I apply to my beauty ritual allows me to keep my hair healthy, supple and shiny while ensuring good micro-circulation to my scalp. A word of advice: paying attention to your hair by applying gentle gestures to your scalp is the ultimate secret to magnificent hair.

Your news:

Instagram: sylvie_boulet 

Facebook: Sylvie Boulet Page 


Project: Magazine ¨Harmonize your femininity¨ 

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