A real thunderbolt ! This is what happened to us when we met Stéphanie! His sparkling eyes, his joy of life and his warm welcome seduced us from the first seconds in his presence. We count the days to go to his yoga studio and enjoy a moment of zen in his company. Meeting a super friendly girl.


Could you introduce yourself

Hi, Let me introduce myself, Stéphanie Doxtater (it's pronounced like it's read...with a little English accent :P). I am 32 years old, mother of 2 wonderful little girls (3 and 6 years old). I am a yoga teacher and founder of Studio Coconut Yoga located in Stoneham. Lover of the simple pleasures of life, I share my daily life with my best friend, my husband, the father of my children for over 12 years. Passionate about everything and nothing, I have easy happiness and a thirst to live fully.

Where are you from, where do you live

I was born in Ottawa, Ontario. I arrived in Quebec more than 10 years ago and have now lived in Stoneham for 5 years.

The first thing you do when you wake up

I open my curtain to see the temperature. It often gives me a good idea of ​​how I will feel throughout the day.

Your favorite place in the world

No matter where I can see, smell and touch the sea.

What you've been doing differently since Covid

I take my time. I used to do everything quickly and intensely. Covid allowed me to relax and really take the time to bring sweetness into my daily life.

Your tip for relaxing

A nice hot bath, flower petals, essential oils and candles. (Herbal tea…or cucumber and rosemary gin and tonic…it depends hihi)

The place where you feel best

In the water or on the water… I was probably a mermaid in another life.

3 things you carry everywhere

A scrunchie (hair tie), lip balm, sunglasses.

You spend the most time doing…

Breathe !! haha. It sounds funny to say but it's true. I like to be aware of my breathing whether it's when everything is going well because I'm happy or when everything is no longer going well to bring me back to basics.

A place you would like to visit

Bhutan...A country in South seems to be the happiest country in the world!! One day I will bring my family there!!

Your best travel memory

The time I surfed with dolphins in California AND my impromptu wedding in Sayulita, Mexico

The song that puts you in a good mood

Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat :)

A film you could watch hundreds of times

Titanic… I have a passion for this film haha!

A book to recommend

Witch's Soul or Feminine Magic, by Odile Chabrillac

Your greatest success

Cliché…but my children without a doubt.

Your favorite sports

Yoga and running

What makes you happy

Spend time with family, friends and DANCE! Oh how I love dancing!! When things are going well, DANCE… When things are not going well DANCE IT OFF! :)

Your beauty ritual

For my evening routine, I like to cleanse my face and prepare it for the night with my oils, floral waters and serums. :)

The best beauty advice you received/discovered

Floral water to spray on the face, morning, noon, evening!! I love the smells and the refreshing feeling in addition to having anti-aging properties.

Worst hair or clothing decision of your life

A toupee!! When the wind blows in there ouff hihi!!

Something on your bucket list

Going on a sailboat for an indefinite period of time with my family. Looking for adventure and discovering the world differently.

The last thing you do before bed

I go around the rooms giving my daughters a kiss and whispering to them how proud I am of them and how they make me a better person every day. It's my little ritual.

What we can wish you

I never thought I would one day be at the helm of a company. I simply want to complete my mission, accomplish myself, succeed in having an impact on my community and so that together we can grow and see bigger.

Your news

Don't miss the opening of Studio Coconut Yoga on June 21! For those interested, subscriptions can be sold via . You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram .:) Looking forward to sharing and co-creating with you. Looking forward to it!

(Editor's note Psssttt: friends and clients of Stoneham: Lasève products are on sale at Studio Coconut Yoga! Yoga + beautiful hair: who could say better?)

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