Already in the early 2000s, Josianne made us our birthday gifts. She is like that, our friend: she gives her time, her creativity, and now, her talent is accessible to everyone! Her creations are in her image: unique, delicate, colorful and a bit vintage . Encounter.

Could you introduce yourself?
Josianne, adopted Rimousk resident, mother of 3 children, passionate entrepreneur who loves what is intuitive, instinctive and which manages to touch the soul, the spirit and the roots !

The first thing you do when you wake up
I would like to tell you that I do my sun salute while having my matcha… Unfortunately, not for this period of my life! I take a big glass of water and wake up this beautiful little one for the morning rush!

The place where you feel best
On the water.

3 things you carry everywhere
My knitting, my iPhone and my lipstick .

A place you would like to visit
Turkey, for its colors, the Mediterranean Sea, its architecture, and its history.

Your best travel memory
A sunrise in Hawaii at the top of the Haleakala volcano.

The song that puts you in a good mood
Shipwreck by Random Recipe.

A film you could watch hundreds of times
Memory of Africa

A book to recommend
Witch: the unconquered power of women

Your greatest success
Cliché, but yes, my family!!!

Your madeleine by Proust
The smell of salty air.

Your favorite sports
Ski touring, a new passion for kitesurfing and yoga, and paddle boarding on the river.

What makes you happy
A beautiful sunny day and the laughter of my children!

Your beauty ritual
1) Cleansing the skin upon waking
2) Followed by rose water
3) A good day cream and tinted fluid with SPF 50 and HOP!

The best beauty advice you received/discovered
Good nutrition and hydration = healthy skin and healthy hair.

The last thing you do before bed
Highlight the positive moments of my day and thank life!

What we can wish you
Physical and mental health; what a privilege we have!

Your news
I just celebrated my 42nd birthday and my journey as a mom entrepreneur is brand new! In 2019, I founded E&Co, an online store that brings together all my creations. Always passionate about sewing, fashion and jewelry, I had a thirst to put my ideas into production. At first, I told myself that this project was crazy, but in the end, it was the best decision of my life! I have the chance to do what I love, nestled in the workshop in my house, with the river as a landscape, my greatest source of inspiration. In addition, I welcome my friends every day for dinner and when they return from school.

The online store offers original jewelry and accessories handmade in Rimouski! To discover my world, take a virtual tour of my online store .



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