When we read her profile on the QMG website, a community of girls who ride mountain bikes, it was clear that we wanted to meet Geneviève! In addition to being part of the group's managers, making mountain biking accessible, bringing together girls of all levels in the woods, riding solidly, she "carries around leave-in detangler for her post-ride hair. »  Our kind of girl!

Could you introduce yourself

37 year old brunette (but not mentally) who has a serious adrenaline addiction, way too many scars on her body and a semi-secret love of country music.

Where are you from, where do you live

Born in Abitibi, but moved often, going from northern Ontario to the south, then to Estrie, a few years in finally live in Lac-Beauport at the moment.

The first thing you do when you wake up

My coffee.

Your favorite place in the world

The West Coast (Squamish and Whistler) and New Zealand (sorry not able to pick just one!).

Your tip for relaxing

I do yoga almost every morning, for around twenty minutes…it helps me stay in shape to avoid injuries and helps me relax through its meditative side.

The place where you feel best

In the air ! For me, nothing beats the feeling of floating that bike and snowboard jumps give me.

3 things you carry everywhere

Scrunchie , detangler , lip balm

You spend the most time doing...

Cycling, I eat it :P

A place you would like to visit

Kashmir in northern India for snowboarding .

Your best travel memory

That's difficult, I have so many... A notable moment was in Argentina when my sister and I were on a snowboard trip to Patagonia and met a mountain guide there and one of his clients /friends on the top of a ledge. It clicked and the guys welcomed us into their trip. We canceled all our hostels and our plans to finally follow them and they made us look like pro riders so as not to pay for tickets, accommodated us, organized a big parilla (classic Argentinian BBQ party) in their house and we showed secret spots of natural “hot springs”… truly memorable. 

The song that puts you in a good mood

Chicken Fried – Zac Brown Band

A film you could watch hundreds of times

Out Cold

A book to recommend

I'm a fan of the author Nora Roberts, all of those books. Since I read mainly to relax before bed, this style of romance novel always pleases me and makes me dream.

Your greatest success

A bunny hop – haha ​​– I really don’t find it easy.

Your favorite sports

Summer: Mountain biking, particularly downhill (DH).

Winter: snowboarding, particularly halfpipe.

What makes you happy

Spend quality time with friends and family, particularly by bike and snowboard.

Your beauty ritual

Before each shower, I dry exfoliate with a brush or loofah especially on my thighs and buttocks and I always apply cream after the shower. Also I let my hair dry “naturally” in braids. I sleep with a braid to keep them from tangling and it gives them a nice wave.

The best beauty advice you received/discovered

To drink a lot of water.

Worst hair or clothing decision of your life

Shaving my coconut in secondary 3…omg!

Something on your bucket list

Start riding motocross – especially for jumping.

The last thing you do before bed

Turn off my cell phone and read a book by Nora Roberts.

What we can wish you

Not to break or tear anything. 

What do you recommend to a girl who wants to start MTB?

Follow your instinct, go gradually without skipping any steps and listen to yourself.

Your top places to go MTB

Whistler bike park, Highland Mountain Bike park, Sentiers du Moulin and Bromont.

Your news

You can follow my cycling or snowboarding adventures on Instagram @genevieveberthiaume and who knows, maybe eventually Mx adventures.

I'm a big fan of positive support between women (and with guys too of course), the important thing for me is to positively support and respect each other.

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