Give us a magic wand and we will make everyone see life, the world and people through Genevieve's eyes. This cool girl with a generous soul manages, among other things, to highlight the beauty of everyday life and for our great joy shares it through her literary and photographic creations. Eternally youthful, this talented jack of all trades will make you change your mind about the stereotypes and clichés linked to “cat women”. :)

Could you introduce yourself?

Geneviève, I have been an artistic director in an agency for around twenty years, an author for Editions de l'Homme and a contributor to the web magazine Passion Animals. I have also been running my photography business for around ten years.

Where are you from, where do you live?

I was born in La Tuque, but I have been in Quebec since the age of 4. I live with my cats, Mimi and Miko (laughs).

The first thing you do when you wake up?

I feed the cats! I catch up on the latest news and gossip over breakfast, the most important meal of the day for me.

Your favorite place in the world?

At my house!

What are you doing differently since Covid?

To slow down! I feel quite lucky since in my case it is not a dark period. I am a very resilient person and I adapt well. The confinement does not cause huge changes for my situation. This period allowed me to achieve professional happiness by finding a better balance in my business opportunities and the amount of work to maintain. I will try to apply these positive aspects when the situation returns to normal.

Your thing for relaxing?

Play sports, go for a walk with my camera and focus on the little details of everyday life.

The place where you feel best?

I feel good almost everywhere, however I am very sensitive to energies. If “the vibe” is good, I’m happy! Once I move to a new place for more than two weeks, I could stay there for a long time and feel perfectly comfortable. I particularly enjoy tropical destinations not popular with tourists and where I can practice water and adventure sports. It's still always a pleasure to come back to my family and friends.

3 things you carry everywhere:

My phone, my hand cream and my camera.

You spend the most time doing...

Of the picture! I eat it, it’s my livelihood and also my passion. I never feel like I'm working when I'm doing it. I also spend a lot of time creating new projects or dreaming of the next fabulous destinations I can visit. What is most stimulating is that these projects often come true!

A place you would like to visit?

Oh my… There are a few. I admit to changing my mind every month. In the near future I would like to visit Mongolia, Madagascar and New Zealand. I dream of visiting Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo to observe the last silverback gorillas, but the hostile climate there would make it too risky a destination at the moment.

Your best travel memory?

Difficult choice once again, but spontaneously, I have this memory in mind: I was on a three-month solo trip to Hawaii to recharge my batteries. I was visiting a stunning national park, surrounded by lush forest and birds. The path led to a rest area facing the ocean, a little corner of paradise! I sat for a good half hour, realizing how lucky I was, relaxing and releasing all the pressure felt by the hectic pace of our lives. It was a magnificent moment.

The song that puts you in a good mood?

Quite a few songs with a summer or reggae flavor...

A film that you could watch hundreds of times?

Shame on me, the Twilight series...

A book to recommend to us?

Because it is said that it is a book that does good, that there are beautiful images and texts that make you smile, I can only recommend: Cats, streets and landscapes: from Quebec to the Îles-de- Madeleine. Okay, I'm exposed, it's my book, but it's true that it does good!

Your greatest success?

To feel completely happy, good about myself, and for a long time already. I love life and I embrace it.

Your Proust madeleine?

My parents' cottage will always remind me of many moments from my childhood. I spent a lot of time there until I was a teenager. I participated in the construction when I was 4 years old, I made drawings on the walls before they were covered, treasures are hidden there!

Your favorite sports?

My favorite sport is surfing, for all the challenges it brings, for the feeling of freedom and contact with nature. I am also a big fan of crossfit, flying trapeze and the outdoors in general.

What makes you happy?

Bring happiness into people's lives, with a compliment, a hello. Oh…and poutine!

Your beauty ritual?

I have a little routine that boils down to: mascara and brushing my teeth! On the other hand, in recent years, I have paid more attention to properly nourishing my skin and hair. I never forget to use my moisturizer and I regularly make masks for my hair.

The best beauty advice you received/discovered?

Moisturizing cream from the age of 20! Psssttt… being happy makes you glow naturally, it’s the most important aspect not to neglect.

Worst hair or clothing decision of your life?

Having gone from my long blonde hair to short brown with bangs…. I assure you, I got over it!

Anything on your bucket list?

Going on a road trip for 1 year with my cats.

The last thing you do before bed?

Feeding the cats, taking the time to say good night to them and playing with them. Once I lie down, I concentrate on clearing my mind and breathing slowly.

What can we wish you?

Continue to take life exactly as I do, because clearly, it’s working.

Your news:

I love writing, so the blog on my website is well stocked. Travel articles, photo shoots and other topics from my daily life, this is also where you can learn more about me. I also maintain a professional Facebook page at Geneviève LeSieur photographer and my Instagram account gigi_mimi .

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